At first glance, history is a tightly woven tale of struggling civilizations, conflicting ideals and advancing humanity.  Bursting with individuals and movements that have brought mankind to the present.

Nestled underneath the perfect linear narrative in the history books are dark, mysterious figures and obscure happenings in this world that have gone unseen, but are just as much a part of our past and destiny as anything else.  It is a secret history and part of the story of mankind, that has been unfolding around us since the beginning of time.  Invisibly unobserved by society, unbelieved by the masses and suppressed by those who don’t want it revealed – this history does in fact exist and needs to be documented, as our survival as a species may depend on knowing the truth and learning from it.

The story begins with the night – for it is the very darkness in this world that holds the keys to this clandestine saga.  We as humans believe the dark holds the unknown, limiting our sight and our ability to rationalize what we cannot see.  Generations ago, man put a face to the fear, inventing monsters and creatures that only existed beyond the shadows, but history has largely ignored these stories.  This journal is a record of that secret history.  An ongoing chronicle exposing the origin and reality of what hides in the shadows.  The record presented will examine what we as a society are afraid to see.  Asking the question, what if the legends our ancestors created were more grounded in reality than what we realize?  What if their fears were based on something very real?

Throughout time, events have occurred that reveal the horrible things in the dark, are more than just fiction.  Cultures from all over the world share similar descriptions, documented sightings and eyewitness accounts, of unspeakable things – though hundreds of years and thousands of miles apart.  It’s time that a closer examination be given, because horror may be closer to reality than what we think.

The search for the truth begins….